Polythene Sheets

Bloompack Polyethylene Plates (Bloompack Flat Plate) are produced in closed cell, prefabricated and high density sheet form.

Bloompack Aluminum Foil Coated Plates (Bloompack Foil Coated Plate) Produced by composite aluminum foil lamination on flat sheet.

Bloompack Self Adhesive Plates (Bloompack Adhesive Plate) Produced using acrylic based adhesive film on flat sheet.

Does not carry flame, extinguish itself, With this feature is suitable to DIN 4102 B1 standards and is used safely in insulation of ventilation and air conditioning installations.
It does not accept water on its own. Therefore, protect the surface from corrosion, mold and corrosion.
Thanks to its low thermal conductivity coefficient (| = 0,040 w / mK), heat loss in heating plants prevents heat loss in cooling plants and provides efficient insulation.
Thanks to its high water vapor diffusion resistance (for Bloompack Flat Plate> 5000, for Bloompack Foil Plate> 15000) it prevents condensation in cooling systems.
Bloompack Foliated Plate is very resistant to climatic conditions, wind, rain and sun.
Bloompack Adhesive Sheet saves time and labor, reduces fire to a minimum.

Usage Areas

Bloompack plates, cooling systems, interior and exterior insulation of air conditioning systems and ventilation ducts.

Bloompack Plates are used safely in heat insulation of large surface equipment such as large diameter pipes, ducts, tanks, valves and boilers.

Production Values ​​

Thickness = 5,6,8,10,15,20,30 mm thickness in the form of rolls
Color = White, Gray

Technical Values ​​

Density = 35-40 kg / m3 (DIN 53429)
Working Temperature = -600C + 950C
Thermal conductivity coefficient = 0,040w / mK (DIN 52613)
Steam Diffusion Coefficient m = 5000 (DIN 52613)
Impact sound download = 23dB.A. (DIN: 4109)