Why EPE Foam


- 100% recyclable environment friendly product.

- Thinner gases in the ozone layer do not contain CFC and HCFC.

- It does not contain five substances which are prohibited to use 2002/95 / EC in the production of ROHS directive. Heavy metals such as lead, katmium, mercury, chromium (VI) and PBB / PBDE are not used.

- Produced in optimum density. 25-40 kg / m³

- Because of its closed cell structure, it does not contain undesirable external factors like water, moisture, dust, oil.

- Resistant to chemicals. - It's hygienic. It will not allow bacteria to replicate.

- Temperature resistance - 40 ºC + 100 ºC.

- It is resistant to mechanical impacts because of its closed cell structure

- It is completely neutral in terms of smell and taste.

- It does not react with the air at all, it does not rot with time

- Moisture absorption is negligible. This provides the best protection against corrosion on the surface.


- 100% recyclable and environment friendly. - Because of its flexible structure, it can be easily cut and formed and it can provide perfect protection by integrating with the product. - It's a lightweight item. - It's economical. - Thanks to its high impact resistance, it ensures that products are not broken and damaged. - Produced in any desired color (except black color). - It is possible to laminate plastic film on both surfaces in one side when requested. - It has multi-purpose usage in different sectors. - It's a durable material.

usage areas

- Furniture

- Glass Industry

- Automotive - Ceramic

- Kitchen and Bath

- Electronics

- Durable household appliances

- Souvenir

- Lighting

- Aluminum